Policy Research

As one of only a few embedded institutional policy groups in the world, we are in a unique position to better understand and anticipate the societal effects of all scientific breakthroughs. We remain committed to educating policy makers on the possible implications of emerging science so that they’re able to create guidelines that will maximize the positive and avoid the negative outcomes on society.

Principal Investigator

Robert M. Friedman, PhD
Adjunct Faculty



Rally for Medical Research


Privacy concerns sparked by human DNA accidentally collected in studies of other species

Two research teams warn that human genomic “bycatch” can reveal private information

Collaborator Release

Scientists set a path for field trials of gene drive organisms

As genetically engineered organisms ramp up, a multidisciplinary coalition offers a framework for ethical, socially engaged and transparent field practices

Issues in Science and Tech

Gene Drives: New and Improved

As the science advances, policy-makers and regulators need to develop responses that reflect the latest developments and the diversity of approaches and applications.


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