Science Education Program


The JCVI science education program provides broad-based community resources for science education and professional development to students, teachers, and scientists. We believe that some of the most valuable contributions our researchers make are outside of the lab, connecting with our communities and other scientists, to inspire and encourage exploration of the wonder and potential of the natural world. We are committed to providing access to science for all.

Our mission is to:

  • expand scientific literacy,
  • increase enthusiasm for science,
  • develop the next generation of genomic scientists, and
  • enhance the skills of science professionals.

Internship program

JCVI has invited interns to be part of our research efforts dating back to our founding in the 1990s, including a mix of students from high school through the graduate level. We provide a range of learning opportunities, including wet lab experimentation and bioinformatics. Our annual internship program provides students an opportunity to present their research projects and receive feedback directly from JCVI faculty and to explore career paths. Grants and private funding have allowed us to further expand access to this program to underserved and minority students. Some of our interns have even published their work in major scientific journals. Learn more about internship opportunities.

Post-doctoral research training

We welcome applications from post-doctoral researchers with their own research projects. These researchers will have access to the Institute’s world-class facilities and expertise and will be mentored by senior scientists. Please review our careers page to learn about current opportunities. Our visiting scientists program provides another avenue for post-doctoral researchers and other scientists to spend time in our labs working on collaborative research projects.

Community-based education and outreach

Throughout our history we have had robust community-based education and outreach through the JCVI DiscoverGenomics! Program. Tens of thousands of students and adults have trained in our labs, participated in hands-on research activities aboard our mobile laboratory at schools and fairs, and explored genomic science in the field with our scientists. We also work with like-minded organizations to help expand our impact.

Children learning aboard the JCVI DiscoverGenomics! Mobile Laboratory
The DG! Mobile Lab is used in a variety of formal and informal educational settings.

Professional development

Science is rapidly evolving. This is especially true of the biological sciences where our ability to read and assemble DNA is now a reality. The fast-paced nature of genomics makes professional development paramount, even for well-trained scientists. JCVI’s professional development program serves several audiences, including: high school teachers, so they can bring cutting-edge science into the classroom; researchers and educators throughout the United States; and training worldwide, to enhance research capabilities at universities and research institutes in Africa, South America, and elsewhere.


If you have questions, please contact us through our web form.